Membership Privileges

  1. Each Voting Member shall have one vote.  A Member firm shall designate one individual to vote on its behalf at any meeting scheduled in accordance with Article IV.
  2. The following categories of Member may serve as Directors and Executive Officers:
    1. Wholesale Producer, and
    2. Underwriting Manager, and
    3. Company
  3. Any Voting Member has the right to bring any idea, suggestion or problem before the Board of Directors or the General Membership.
  4. Any Member may attend any meeting of the General Membership.
  5. Any Member shall have available all of the facilities and resources of the Association.
  6. Any Member shall have full use of the Association logo.
  7. Any Non-Voting member may serve in an adversary capacity to the Board of Directors in Accordance with Article V.
  8. Any Non-Voting Member shall have the full support of the Association.
  9. Any Non-Voting Members may offer ideas and suggestions that would be mutually beneficial, but may not propose same as motions before the Membership.

(By-Laws Article 111. Membership, Section 3. Membership Privileges)